Linkedin is horrible.

If you're seeing this page, its either thanks to a search engine or you work at Linkedin.

Where do I start? Linkedin is a social network predicated upon the most basic of human requisites in a modern capitalist society. Namely, your gainful employment. Linkedin as a site insists it connects professionals and helps them become more productive and successful. In reality, it fails at both. Linkedins mission is to data mine your personal information for the purpose of targeted advertisements, and relentlessly harass anyone you decide to "invite" to connect to the network. The unspoken punishment for shunning linkedin is also implied career failure.


Linkedin is a baron wasteland of recruiters and outsourced callcenters waiting to wake you at four in the morning with a thick south asian accent and any number of irrelevant employment opportunities. Its a pagescrape away from the entirety of your personal information at the fingertips of goddamn near anyone and at the end of the day, everything in your CV is theirs. You arent the corsumer, you are the product.
if you are a recruiter: quit using this vortex of human excriment and do your job. Finding talented professionals is difficult, but linkedin offers you nothing but the ability to pester them ad infinitum.

Human Resources:

Adding your new hires, potential hires, and existing "human capital" in the hopes of learning more about them just shows how completely disconnected you are from them as human beings. Wander over to their desk, invite them out for lunch, but stop using linkedin to avoid asking for related talent or determine a "good fit."

Who I am:

I am a talented thirty-something computer engineer who is sick and fucking tired of linkedin requests from friends, family and every tamil callcenter slave who cant get me to leap at a 3 month contract opportunity in Juno Alaska. Im more than angry about the infamous linkedin request unsolicited bulk email that sometimes includes a familiar name. Contact me.